Open-Cell Polyurethane Foam

R thermal resistance: approximately 2.40-2.60/10 cm.
Application: walls, ceilings, roofs
Low density open-cell foam does not form a vapour barrier because it easily absorbs moisture, therefore the interior of the building must be covered with vapour insulation material.
Open-cell foam makes good thermal insulation even though it is almost twice lower comparing to closed-cell foam. This foam is much more friable, lighter, it expands to a greater extent, therefore it is perfect for filling gaps. The price of sprayed cubic metre is lower, however, its layer must be twice as thick comparing to closed-cell foam in order to obtain the desired thermal resistance.
Open-cell or fibrous thermal insulation materials can lose up to 30% of R value after absorbing only 2% of moisture.
Depending on the field of application, this foam has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Characteristics of open-cell polyurethane foam:

 Closed-cell content (in accordance with ISO 5490)

 CCC1 in accordance with EN 14315 ≥ 20%

Thermal conductivity (value in accordance with EN 12667 and EN 12939

0.034 – 0.036 W/m x K

Water resistance (in accordance with EN 12087)

Not suitable for direct contact with water

Rate of resistance to water vapour (µ) (in accordance with EN 12086)

High permeability µ < 15

Resistance to air flow

Tightness depends on thickness

Compressive strength (in accordance with EN 826)

≥10 kPa

Resistance and rigidity

Low resistance and rigidity, does not overload structures of the building

Material density (in accordance with EN 1602)

8-15 kg/m³

Sound absorption rate (in accordance with EN ISO 11654)

High sound absorption rate = 0,5

Reaction to fire according to classification (in accordance with EN 13501-1)

F; E

Foaming agent

CO2, H2O




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